Servicing Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and all of Florida.

Servicing Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and all of Florida.

Experienced Real Estate Closing Services

Personal, reliable, and efficient title settlement services in Florida.

Experienced Real Estate Closing Services

Personal, reliable, and efficient title settlement services in Florida.

JM Title Services is an attorney-owned and family-operated title company that has served as an established one-house shop to its long-standing clients, guaranteeing a seamless and satisfying real estate closing experience.

Who We Are

JM Title Services is an attorney-owned and family-operated title insurance agency that provides title insurance, escrow, and real estate settlement services throughout Florida. Since 2004, we have demonstrated top-level professional, courteous, and efficient service to home buyers and sellers, real estate professionals, and mortgage lenders for residential and commercial real estate transactions.

We strive to exceed all real estate closing needs and expectations and build long-standing relationships by maintaining constant client communication and delivering valuable guidance throughout the real estate transaction process. Using our state-of-the-art digital closing platform, we promptly review and analyze the property landscape, resolve any title issues before closing, and provide consistent status updates to our clients.

JM Title Services is an approved title agent for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and First American Title Insurance Company and works with all major lenders.

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Mission & Vision

At JM Title Services, we pride ourselves on promoting an environment of concern and compassion for our clients as part of our family. Purchasing, selling, or refinancing real estate can be a stressful and complicated process, which is why we provide a personal touch to each transaction and guide all parties throughout the entire transaction. Our professional staff members work as partners in each transaction to coordinate a seamless and satisfying closing experience for everyone involved. We ensure that our buyers and sellers reach the closing table without difficulty and always remain available for any post-closing matters. Our proven track record for excellent client service has led to many long-lasting professional relationships with a family of realtors, lenders, and attorneys in Florida.

Settle Your Transaction With Confidence

Our Services

In addition to serving as the title agent for residential and commercial real estate closings throughout Florida, JM Title Services offers several benefits that work as ideal components to a successful transaction.

Title and Lien Searches

We thoroughly analyze the property title to confirm the ownership status and develop efficient solutions to resolve any liens or title defects that may inhibit a clean transfer of title.

Closing Documents

We prepare the necessary documents to transfer title and provide a detailed explanation of all closing documents so our clients can easily understand and digest the complexities involved in a real estate transaction.

Title and Escrow Services

We utilize modern digital technology for our real estate closing and escrow services, allowing for the safe exchange of documents and vital information, and eliminating the threats of wire security fraud.

Buyer and Seller Representation

We provide attorney representation services for real estate purchasers and sellers, and develop appropriate strategies to ensure their best interests in resolving title disputes and negotiating agreements involving their transactions.


We provide real estate settlement and closing services for residential and commercial refinances and assist clients in determining the most appropriate refinancing alternatives based on their specific needs and circumstances.

Survey and Inspection Services

We maintain long-established relationships with experienced real estate surveyors and inspectors that provide our clients with the best quality of services allowing for a smooth closing experience.

About Us

As early inhabitants of Coral Springs and Parkland, Michael Trinkler and Jacqueline (“Jackie”) Trinkler have personally witnessed the growth of many thriving communities in South Florida. As the founders of JM Title Services and serving their communities for more than 30 years, Michael and Jackie have certainly played a significant role in ushering in the new wave of residential and commercial real estate development in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade County. The team at JM Title Services works tirelessly to provide the most reliable, professional, and efficient title settlement services in Florida.

The core value of JM Title Services is satisfaction with services. By placing a personal touch on each transaction, our clients experience a sense of concern and compassion often exhibited by family. Our team prides itself on its responsiveness and availability to our clients, which is why we continue to create and build upon long-standing relationships with real estate professionals, lenders, and individuals in Florida.

At JM Title Services, we understand that buying and selling real estate can be an exciting but also an uncomfortable time in your life. We devote ourselves to our clients with professional and uncompromising ethics to ensure they come to the closing table with peace of mind knowing their transaction is in experienced and caring hands.

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What our clients say about us
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Barbara W.
We have enjoyed working with JM Title Services, Inc. and appreciate the professionalism and diligence that the entire staff delivered. Every individual that we have worked with demonstrated a high level of expertise and responsiveness that made the process comprehensible and doable for novices such as ourselves. We thank the company for a job well done!
Barbara W.
Amy R.
I consistently recommend JM Title Services to all my clients, whether buyers or sellers. I have used them for many transactions and it’s always been such a pleasant experience for both myself and my clients. I feel completely at ease having Jackie handle my transactions. I always know that every detail will be taken care of quickly, competently and professionally, and that my clients are in excellent hands. Jackie has great communication. I always know what’s going on each step of the transaction. She’s always reachable even during non business hours. I 100% recommend JM Title Services.
Amy R.
Lauren H.
Our experience with JM Title Services was absolutely fantastic. As new home buyers and also new to the state, they helped us navigate the process. Jackie was very knowledgeable and offered her assistance to make sure the transaction went smoothly. I would highly recommend to anyone considering using their services and I would definitely use them again in the future.
Lauren H.
Paola C.
I really appreciate their commitment to transparency and professionalism. As a real estate agent, it’s great knowing I can recommend my clients to a title company that they can count on. Jackie and her team are a pleasure to work with. They answer all of my clients questions and are always thorough and ahead of everything. I have worked with them on multiple closings either representing the Seller or the Buyer and they are by far the BEST title company I have ever worked with. Most of my clients and business is in Palm Beach County but I always come to them or refer them to my clients if they want a smooth transaction.
Paola C.
Sheila R.
The patience and professionalism of Jackie and her team exceeded my expectations. They treat you and your buyers like family. At the closing table, Jordan went over every line item in detail and explained them in a way that was easy to grasp. I’d highly recommend using their services, especially if you are a first-time home buyer. Exceptionally smooth transaction despite all of the obstacles thrown our way.
Sheila R.
Mark R.
We had the pleasure of using JM Title Services to close a home loan. Michael Trinkler took time to explain every bit of the paperwork in great detail all while keeping things moving at a good pace. This is by far the most pleasurable closing experience i have ever had and i have had a few. Highly recommend Michael and JM Title Services.
Mark R.
Delrene S.
Thank you Jackie and the staff at JM Title Services for your professionalism, knowledge, and dedication while handling the purchase of my new home. Jackie responded quickly to my questions and kept me calm throughout the entire transaction. Jackie worked very hard and tirelessly through a sometimes rough process. Nevertheless, this team had everyone in the loop at all times which allowed the deal to close in a shorter amount of time. This is the third home I’ve purchased and the best closer I’ve had to work with. I would not hesitate to highly recommend JM Title Services to everyone I know.
Delrene S.
Oliver H.
Every transaction with JM Title is super smooth. Their communication is amazing. They return emails within a minute! My brokerage and my agents have tried many different title companies over the years and have found our go-to title company with JM Title. They are highly recommendable.
Oliver H.
Sahil G.
JM Title Services saved us from a bad deal. They flagged a code violation on a house that could have cost us an arm and a leg. They patiently walked us through the process and the risks. Having an in-house attorney was extremely helpful. When we finally found a house without major issues, they walked us through the contracting process and answered our many questions, as we were first time home buyers. I’d highly recommend their services.
Sahil G.

Contact us

Please contact our office regarding rates, services, and other questions you may have regarding your real estate transaction. We thank you for your interest in JM Title Services and look forward to welcoming you into our family for all your real estate settlement and closing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance protects property owners and lenders against title defects and competing claims of interest over the property. Title insurance provides coverage for title defects discovered during or after the insured’s ownership of the property. Generally, lenders require borrowers to purchase a title insurance policy as a condition for issuing a mortgage loan.

In Florida, the party responsible for paying the cost of title insurance varies by county. The title insurance premium is a one-time payment, paid at the time of closing.

What is Marketable Title?

The term “Marketable Title” (or clear title) to real property is title in fee simple free from litigation and defects. Marketable Title does not assume the absolute absence of a defect in the title; instead, it represents title to property that a person of reasonable prudence would accept for its fair market value.

In Florida, Marketable Title is determined after a review of the record of ownership (i.e., a chain of title) extending back 30 years from the recording of the claim. The chain of title traces back to confirm that no outstanding or unresolved claims against the title exist.

What is Homestead?

Florida’s Homestead Exemption provides homeowners a tax exemption of up to $50,000 for their permanent residence in Florida. Under Florida’s “Save Our Homes” assessment limitation, one year after the property becomes the homestead, the assessment for each following year cannot increase more than 3 percent or the percent change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), whichever is less. The difference between the market value and the assessed value(i.e., assessment difference) of the homestead property is expected to increase over time and save the homeowner a considerable amount in property taxes. Notably, a homeowner may be able to transfer or “port” all or part of the assessment difference to a new Florida homestead. This concept is known as Portability. Homestead also protects the homestead property from creditors of the homeowner. Under most circumstances, a creditor cannot force the sale of the debtor’s homestead to satisfy a money judgment against the debtor.

In order to qualify for Florida’s Homestead Exemption, the homeowner must be a permanent Florida resident and the homestead property must be the resident’s primary place of residence. A second home or investment property will not qualify as homestead property. The owner of the homestead property must also be a natural person and the property cannot be titled in the name of a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership. Homeowners should consult their respective county’s property appraiser for any additional requirements to applying for homestead.

What is a Post Occupancy Agreement?

A Post-Occupancy Agreement is an agreement where the buyer of a property agrees to allow the seller to stay on the property past the closing date. The parties can determine the terms of the agreement while negotiating the Real Estate Contract or during the closing process. All parties will sign the agreement at or before closing.

The Post-Occupancy Agreement promotes flexibility and permits the seller more time to remain on the property to better align with the preferred timeline of the parties. Notably, the period of post-occupancy cannot exceed 60 days if it is a mortgage transaction. Under a Post-Occupancy Agreement, the seller becomes liable to the buyer for any injuries, loss, waste, or damage to the property post-closing.

A Post-Occupancy Agreement is often considered a useful device for promoting the smooth transfer of property ownership from seller to buyer after closing.

What happens when there is a lien on your property?

A lien is a security interest attaching to a property to secure the payment of a debt or performance of some other obligation. All liens must be satisfied before closing so the property transfers with clear title to the buyer. Overall, liens can create complications for a real estate transaction and affect your ability to sell a property.

Liens break down into voluntary liens and involuntary liens. A voluntary lien is created by the homeowner agreeing or consenting to place a security interest on the property. The most common example of a voluntary lien is a mortgage, which allows the lender to foreclose on a property if the borrower fails to make timely payments or breaches some other condition in the agreement. An involuntary lien is founded in law and allows creditors to access your assets to satisfy certain debts. Involuntary liens are due to unpaid obligations, often seen in the forms of mechanic’s liens, tax liens, and judgment liens.

If you are considering selling real estate, it is crucial to have a licensed title agent conduct a municipal lien search for your property to determine whether there are any liens preventing your sale.